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An Operating System for Manufacturers

Introduction to the MLS™

The Manufacturing Leadership System™ (MLS™) is an operating system composed of four elements that are essential to running a healthy, vibrant, sustainable company.

Manufacturing companies are complex, and the demands from customers, employees, and owners are relentless.  The MLS™ is a framework that brings structure and order to the challenges of running a manufacturing company.

Why Implement an Operating System?

Operating Systems Enable Healthy Companies

Achieve Peace of Mind

An operating system creates a structured way to organize all of the things circulating in your mind.  It is the reliable system that lets you declutter your brain so that you can focus on what really matters.  You will sleep at night know that you don’t need to keep things in your head because the operating system captures them.

Get Things Done

When it comes to getting things done, less is more.  By getting focused on key priorities, and deselecting less important activities, the company’s energies will be aligned and focused on the most vital projects.

The operating system creates the focus and alignment that will drive progress.

Generate Solid Results

Manufacturing companies are complicated, and it can be a challenge to know if all of your hard work and investment will lead to healthy profitability.  A good operating system will help you keep an eye on the key drivers of profitability, and you be able to take quick action if things seem to be going sideways.

Unify the Leadership Team

The harmony and effectiveness of the leadership team sets the stage for the rest of the company.  When the leadership time is aligned and working together towards common goals, the rest of the organization will follow their lead.  The operating system builds robust and cohesive leadership teams.

Engage the Workforce

When the operating system is fully functioning at all levels of the organization, everyone will be involved in moving the organization forward.  The strategy will be understood by everyone, and there will be projects throughout the organization that will turn the strategic plan into reality.  Everyone is part of the solution.

Prepare to Grow

With a fully functioning operating system in place, the organization is prepared to scale and grow.  The organization isn’t dependent on the unique capabilities of one or two people, and processes are set up so that they can accommodate the volumes that come with new growth.  Operating systems make the next stage of growth realistic and viable.

The Four Elements of the MLS™

Management System

The Management System is the connector of all of the other tools and systems. It keeps the organization aligned, focused, and delivering results.

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The Strategy element provides clarity about the company’s products, services, customers, and competitive positioning. It creates a practical and actionable direction for the company.

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The People element ensures that the organization has the talent that is needed to fulfill the strategic plan.

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The Execution element has the tools needed for the company to have consistent execution that is continually improving.

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The MLS™ Process

The MLS™ Process is custom-tailored to meeting your specific needs and priorities.  We’ll start with an introductory meeting with your leadership team where we’ll discuss your situation and the basics of the MLS™.   From there, we’ll focus on your highest priority and get to work on making some immediate improvements.  I like to do this before we create the longer-term roadmap.  I want you and your organization to see benefits right from the beginning.

After the first pain point is well on the way to being solved, we’ll step back and create the longer-term road map.  This will be custom-tailored to meet the specific challenges that you’re facing.  The sequence matters.  Some tools are foundational and need to be put in place before other tools can be implemented.

Lastly, we’ll execute the roadmap – one step at a time, and delivering benefits and results all along the way.


  • Review your needs
  • Review the MLS™
  • Assess mutual fit
  • 1 hour
  • Free
  • Determine desired outcomes
  • Pick tools from each element of the MLS™
  • Determine Sequence
  • $1,750 – Full day working session
  • Attack highest priority
  • Drive immediate results
  • Implement the right tools 
  • from the MLS™ to achieve the goals 
  • $3,500+ (See Pricing under each element of  “The MLS™”)