Consultant to Small and Mid-Size Manufacturers

I help manufacturers get great results with a set of practical and proven tools, called

The Manufacturing Leadership System™

Introduction to The Manufacturing Leadership System™ (MLS™)

The Manufacturing Leadership System™ (MLS™) is an operating system composed of four elements and ten tools that are essential to creating a healthy, vibrant, sustainable company.

Once you implement the MLS™, you feel in control of your business.  The company will deliver predictable and consistently strong results, and you’ll achieve the work-life balance and peace of mind that you thought was impossible.

Manufacturing leaders turn to me when they experience:

  • Difficulty scaling up
  • Lackluster profits
  • Stagnant strategy implementation
  • The riptide of the daily grind
  • Operational challenges

Do any of these resonate with you?

What Clients Are Saying

We may have had the answers, but we don’t always ask the right questions. I feel that’s a big part of what Rob does for us – he asks the right questions to get us thinking in a way that leads us to the right answers.  Rob forces us out of our comfort zone, pushes us to face the hard decisions, pokes holes in our tried and true, leads us through listening, and teaches not tells.

Sarah Elder

CEO, Kalisher

“Rob had a tremendous impact on helping us turn around one of our factories in just four months. On-time delivery improved, output increased, and our processes were stabilized. That also helped to boost employee morale and engagement.  Bringing in Rob was one of the best decisions that we made this year.”

Dave Huml

CEO, Tennant Company

“Rob’s in-depth knowledge of operations and approach to profitability management has helped my company improve our results. He merges his practical operational expertise with a great understanding of effective leadership. This is a powerful combination to help any company to excel.”

Joan Schatz

Co-President, Park Industries

What Makes the MLS Unique?

Designed for Manufacturers

All of the tools in the MLS have been tested and honed in manufacturing environments.  You won’t need to translate a generic system to make it fit your company.  There are also specialized tools that you won’t find in generic operating systems.

Scaled for Small & Mid-size Mfr's

The MLS is designed to work with organizations with 50 to 500 people.  Solutions for Fortune 1000 companies are overkill for small and mid-size businesses.  Likewise, other solutions are  geared towards very small startups.

Customized Path

Your needs and priorities are unique to you.  The implementation path for the MLS will be tailored to deliver quick results and address your most critical needs.

À la Carte

The MLS is modular, and each tool stands on its own.  If elements of your operating system are working well, there is no need to re-invent the wheel.  You only  need to implement the tools that will add value to your organization.

Convenient for You

Whenever possible, I prefer half-day working sessions .  I believe that half-day sessions keep everyone’s mind fresh, and it allows the team to address day-to-day management issues.  Other programs use full-day sessions, since that works the best for the consultant.

Industry Expertise

I don’t know how to say this humbly.  Part of what you get with the MLS™ is me.  I’ve walked in your shoes, and I have a breadth of practical experience to bring to your organization.