—Making Leadership Rewarding—

Making Leadership Rewarding

Leadership is Tough but Rewarding!

Leadership teams have a difficult job.  They are faced with pressures from customers, shareholders, employees, and the community. Navigating this complexity takes unique people - people who are willing to stand at the front and be accountable for the company's overall health.  

I founded my practice to help senior leadership teams achieve their goals, emphasizing building strong leadership systems run by talented people living the life they want.


Three Focus Areas

A leadership system is a framework for running the business.  It can be referred to as the company's formula or rulebook.  Employees will sometimes say, "This is how we do things here."

Strong leadership systems produce exceptional results in a healthy, sustainable way.

When the leadership system is working well, the headaches of leadership fade and leadership is a rewarding calling.

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Everyone has room for growth and improvement, and coaching is one method to accelerate that growth.

Professional coaching is a structured and proven process to guide the client on the path of improvement.

As a certified executive coach, I work with senior leaders to help them make the changes that they want to make to improve their life and career.

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Consulting Orange

Sometimes companies have specific situations that need a little extra help and attention.  The situation may call for some specific expertise, or perhaps the leadership team just needs some extra bandwidth to accomplish a goal.

With 35 years of experience in manufacturing, I've learned the things that work, and those that don't.

Two areas of specialization for my consulting practice are profitability management (costing, pricing, product mix), and operations performance.

Leadership Matters

Companies rise to the level of the senior leadership team!


One of the primary functions of the leadership team is to establish and execute a strategy.  When the entire leadership is aligned around a robust strategy, the company will naturally move towards their destination.

If the strategy is weak, or the team is not aligned toward a common vision, the strategy is likely to remain purely aspiration and gather dust on a shelf.

Financial Performance

Good financial results don't happen by accident.  The leadership team needs to ensure that all of the parts of the organization are aligned and performing at a high level. 

The leadership team needs the tools, information, and practices to stay on top of the financial performance of the company so that course corrections can be made as needed.


Culture defines the 'personality' of the company, and it has a tremendous impact on the long-term health of the organization.  The senior leadership team creates the culture through their words and actions.

When senior leadership is aligned and committed to building the company based on a core set of values, culture can be a strategic weapon.

If the culture is unclear, or worse yet, toxic, culture can be a cancer that kills the company.

The Peace You Deserve


When the leadership team is aligned, all of their energies are focused on a common set of objectives. Infighting and politicking disappear.


Strong leaders working within a robust leadership system will get very good at getting things done.  Your stress levels will drop when you know that commitments will be carried out, and the team will hold each other accountable.


Leaders that are clear in their role and talk openly and honestly with each other, are able to solve problems as a team.  All of the ideas get put on the table and vetted so that the company can move forward in the spirit of the greater good of the organization.


When the leadership team is working as a team that is aligned and getting things done, everyone can sleep better and get some peace.  There will be trust in the leadership system and each other, which will liberate your energy to focus on your passions.