Consultant to Entrepreneurial businesses

 Expert in Business Operating Systems & Continuous Improvement

I help businesses scale to the next level of growth and profitability by implementing a robust operating system and practical continuous improvement.

The 5 Elements of an Operating System

An operating system is the set of principles, tools, and practices that you use to run your business.  I’ve divided the operating system into 5 elements.

#1 Foundation

Owner’s Goals
Core Values

#2 Direction

3-year plan
1-year plan
Quarterly plan

#3 Growth

Target market
Key differentiators
Marketing plan
Sales plan

#4 People

Org. structure
Employment brand
Alignment & Performance

#5 Execution


Strength in each of these 5 elements will create a healthy, vibrant, scalable business.

What Clients Are Saying

We may have had the answers, but we don’t always ask the right questions. I feel that’s a big part of what Rob does for us – he asks the right questions to get us thinking in a way that leads us to the right answers.  Rob forces us out of our comfort zone, pushes us to face the hard decisions, pokes holes in our tried and true, leads us through listening, and teaches not tells.

Sarah Elder

CEO (former), Kalisher

I’m amazed how much Gorilla 76 has changed since we hired Rob Tracy to help us with strategic planning 16 months ago…

We have new products. Our employee Net Promoter Score is up 12 points (59).  We’ve been recognized as a Best Place to Work, and revenue is up more than 30% (2020 vs. 2021).

Engaging Rob was money well spent. Find yourself a “Rob.” Thank you, Rob!

A LinkedIn post from Jon on 3/28/22.

Jon Franko

Co-Founder, Gorilla 76 Marketing Agency

“Rob had a tremendous impact on helping us turn around one of our factories in just four months. On-time delivery improved, output increased, and our processes were stabilized. That also helped to boost employee morale and engagement.  Bringing in Rob was one of the best decisions that we made this year.”

Dave Huml

CEO, Tennant Company

What Makes This Approach Unique?

Your Schedule, Your Pace

I’ll work at a pace and schedule that works for you.  For some teams, half-day sessions are preferred, and others prefer full-day sessions.  Some teams want to implement extremely fast, and others want to take a more measured approach.    I’ll adapt the schedule to meet your needs.

Scaled for Entrepreneurs

This operating system is designed to work with organizations with 25 to 250 people.  It is sophisticated enough to support the needs of your growing business, while not being bureaucratic or cumbersome.

Customized Path

Your needs and priorities are unique to you.  The implementation path will be tailored to address your most pressing issues at the speed that is comfortable for you.