—Manufacturing Leadership Consultant—

Helping Leaders Get Outstanding Results

Manufacturing Leadership Consultant

Helping Leaders Get Outstanding Results

Two Focus Areas

I founded Rob Tracy Consulting to help mid-market manufacturers improve profitability and business health.  My services fall into two broad categories: Consulting and Operating Systems.

Sometimes manufacturer's leaders need a helping hand.  Small companies, by their nature, cannot afford all of the specialized resources they need.  At other times manufacturers need some extra bandwidth to tackle a difficult problem.   When this happens, I can step in and work hand-in-hand with the leadership team.

I specialize in three areas:

  1. Profitability management (costing, pricing, product mix),
  2. Operations performance
  3. Strategic planning

An operating system is the set of tools, habits, and practices that run the business.  Experience at top companies has shown that a proven system produces consistent, outstanding results.

Operating systems create alignment and focus for everyone in the company, and when everyone is stroking in the same direction, great things happen.

Your business is unique and it deserves an operating system that is tailored to your specific needs.   I have deep experience setting up and using operating systems, and I can help you create the perfect solution for your needs.

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The Peace You Deserve

With Rob Tracy Consulting at your side, you'll have the peace of mind you deserve.


Creating clarity about the solutions to your most difficult challenges ensures that your hard work is pointed in a direction that will accomplish your goals.


When the leadership team is aligned, all of their energies are focused on a common set of objectives. Infighting and politicking disappear, and the team will excel at getting things done.


A strong operating systems helps leaders understand their role, and it creates a culture of open discuss and debate.  This teamwork leads to the best decisions,  because all of the ideas get  discussed and vetted.  There are no hidden agendas. 


When the leadership team is working as a team that is aligned and getting things done, everyone can sleep better and get some peace.  There will be trust in the operating system and each other, which will liberate your energy to focus on your passions.

Leadership is Tough but Rewarding!

Leadership teams have a difficult job because they are faced with pressures from diverse and competing stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders, employees, and the community. Navigating this complexity takes true leaders.  It calls for people who are willing to stand at the front and be accountable for the company's overall health.  

I founded my practice to walk side by side with these leaders to help them build the company they want.