The Process for Implementing Your Operating System


Total Investment

1st year
Includes: 8 half-day sessions to implement the foundations of the operating system, participation in 4 team meetings, 3 quarterly sessions and 1 annual session.
Ongoing annual costs
Optional. This only applies if you choose to have me facilitate your quarterly and annual sessions. Includes: 3 quarterly sessions and 1 annual session.
1st year
Ongoing annual costs

Individual Sessions

Half-day session (remote)
Full-day session (remote)

Most sessions can be facilitated remotely very effectively.  If in-person facilitation is required, there will be an adjustment to the fees to reflect the additional travel time.

Business Notes:

    • There is no long-term contractual agreement, and you can choose to not proceed forward at any time.  I only ask for two weeks of notice so that I can attempt to fill your time slot.
    • While you may cancel at any time, you should enter into this arrangement with the mindset that we’ll be working together for at least the first two years.
    • I’ll invoice after each session, and payment is due upon receipt.