The People Element

The Manufacturing Leadership System™

The People element ensures that the organization has the talent that is needed to fulfill its plan.

Finding and retaining great people has become a strategic imperative for many companies, and the strategies related to people can no longer be relegated to the HR department.

It starts with the creation of a culture by getting clear about the company’s core values.  From there, we’ll get specific about the needs of the organization in the future and the strategies and tactics that will be implemented to meet those needs.  Lastly, we’ll define the organizational structure so that everyone is clear about their role.


Culture Builder

The Culture Builder tool is one of the simplest and most impactful tools in the Manufacturing Leadership System.  It starts with the definition of the company’s core values, and this goes beyond the platitudes found in many corporate hallways.  We’ll explore what is deeply important to you about the culture.  It will provide the guideposts for the kind of person you want to hire as well as the behaviors that you will and won’t tolerate.

Once the core values have been defined, we’ll develop a specific plan for integrating these core values into the company.

The Culture Builder is needed if:

  • Infighting exists between departments.
  • The cultural norms of the company are unclear.
  • Engagement is low.
  • Turnover is high (particularly among new hires).


    • 2-hour session to create the first-pass at core values
    • Editing and revisions to create the final core values
    • 1-hour session develop the rollout plan



    This includes the facilitation of the sessions and assistance with editing the core value statements.

    The Talent Plan

    The talent plan defines the future talent needs of the organization and creates the roadmap to get there.  We’ll discuss the current team to identify rising stars, problem areas, and positions where turnover is likely.  We’ll also identify areas where the policies and practices of the company may need to change in order to create a competitive talent position.  We’ll wrap up by creating the implementation roadmap.

    The Talent Plan is Needed if:

    • The company is experiencing substantial growth.
    • Significant retirements are on the horizon.
    • A new strategic direction will require new skills.
    • Hiring and retaining enough of the right people has been problematic.



      • 4-hour session to define future needs
      • 4-hour session to review current team
      • 4-hour session to define policy, practice changes
      • 4-hour session to create the roadmap



      This includes the facilitation of all four sessions.

      Organization Structure

      A clear organizational structure helps each person know their role and the role of others.  An organizational structure doesn’t need to be hierarchical, but it does need to provide clarity.

      The Org. Structure is Needed if:

      • There is confusion about who is responsible for what.
      • Team members are unclear where to go for guidance.
      • Decision-making is all done at the top of the organization.


        • 4-hour session to:
          • Create the first-pass of the organization chart
          • Define the roles of the senior leadership team
          • Develop the rollout plan



        This covers the facilitation of the session.