— Testimonials —


Rob hopes his work speaks for itself, but it never hurts to hear good review from his clients. 
“Rob is the ultimate ‘noise remover’ for any business.

Rob has the unique ability to both understand the mechanics of our operations and also grasp the culture and priorities of our staff and clients. His learning process brought an ease of trust and confidence that other consultants or advisors struggle to achieve. Rob sought to learn our business intimately with minimal direction or hand-holding, which allowed daily operations to continue while we effectively onboarded a new senior leader. When we then worked with Rob to collaborate on solving issues or guiding our decisions, Rob’s insights obviously came from a of place personal understanding that immediately inspired trust in all.”
— David Winton, CEO & President, Kalisher —
“Rob had a tremendous impact on helping us turn around one of our factories in just four months. On-time delivery improved, output increased, and our processes were stabilized. That also helped to boost employee morale and engagement.  Bringing in Rob was one of the best decisions that we made this year."
— Dave Huml, Senior VP EMEA, APAC, Marketing & Operations —
“Rob was a tremendous help to our leadership team. He was able to quickly identify some of our underlying challenges, and he helped us fill those gaps with some practical management tools. We saw immediate results, and those improvements have stuck with us to this day.”
— Charlie Westling, CEO, Computype —
“We may have had the answers, but we don’t always ask the right questions. I feel that’s a big part of what Rob does for us – he asks the right questions to get us thinking in a way that leads us to the right answers. In businesses like ours, where the leaders have been immersed in the company for so long, we often struggle to bring true objectivity to the challenges we face. That’s where Rob comes in. He’s been in the ring at companies of all sizes, structures, industries, and at all stages of growth/decline, and that experience is invaluable when it comes to helping folks like us. Rob forces us out of our comfort zone, pushes us to face the hard decisions, pokes holes in our tried and true, leads us through listening, and teaches not tells. And when all of that leads to successes, no matter how small, he never forgets to give us recognition.”
— Sarah Elder, VP & Chief Operating Officer, Kalisher —
"Rob's in-depth knowledge of operations and approach to profitability management has helped my company improve our results. He merges his practical operational expertise with a great understanding of effective leadership. This is a powerful combination to help any company to excel."
— Joan Schatz, Co-President, Park Industries —
“I was the father figure in a family owned and operated printing business that had evolved into a seventy person, $10 million business when we met Rob. To that point our frequently held family meetings were attended by some or all six family members involved in the business. We always had plenty to discuss, but with very little structure.
Rob helped us to separate the major issues; we called them “big rocks”, from the smaller rocks or pebbles. We learned to delegate responsibilities to either take action on, or research these larger issues and report at our next ”Rock” meeting. Rob did a lot more than this to establish and perfect our decision making processes; but we would always associate the “rock” meetings, which we still hold years later, with the improvements in our systems he helped us to make. These changes were mostly just good common sense, but it took someone to lead the way. Rob was a very good facilitator.”
— Howard Siewert, Founder & Board Chairman, Ideal Printers —