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Operating Systems

Operating Systems - A Framework for Running the Business

An operating system is the set of principles, practices, tools, and philosophies that a leadership team uses to run a company.  You've probably heard some of the names: The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), 80/20 (from ITW),  Gazelles, and company-specific systems like those at Toyota, Danaher, GE, and Barry-Wehmiller. 

Each system has its merits, and they have enabled solid results when applied in the companies that match their approach.  However, you may find that none of them is a great fit for you!  They may be overly simplistic (or too complicated), too jargon-filled, overly rigid, too expensive, and the list goes on.

I believe in building custom-tailored solutions to meet your exact needs!

Operating systems have common elements, such as the establishment and deployment of strategy, the use of metrics to support decision making, the creation of a strong culture, continuous improvement, and guidance around how key decisions will be made.  I'll help you find and implement the right tools and approaches to fit your business.  You'll be in the driver's seat.

A solution for all sizes and budgets.

All companies can benefit from an operating system since they reinforce solid leadership habits that enable growth.  The term "operating system" sounds like it is meant for larger companies, but that isn't accurate.  Companies of all sizes have operating systems - even small operations like mine. One of the advantages of building a custom solution is that it can fit any size or budget.  I will work with you to match the tools and implementation approach with your needs.

My Perspective Helps to build YOUR leadership system

Customized Solution

 I have a breadth of experience with the operating systems used in big and small companies, including EOS® and Lean Management.   I can help match the right tool for your needs.  I am not bringing a hammer in search of a nail.

Experienced Insight

With over 30 years in manufacturing and 20 years in the executive ranks, I can help you avoid some of the trial-and-error missteps.  I have real-world experience - not academic theory.

Manufacturing Specific

Mid-size manufacturers have unique needs, and they need a operating system that is tuned to their requirements. They need a system that is robust enough to handle their complexity without the bureacracy that can be found in some of the systems used at mega-corporations.

Support when Needed

As you make progress implementing your operating system, there may be times when you need a little extra support.  I'll be there for you when you need it.

The Process for Building Your Operating System

Operating System Improvement Method

Identify Priorities

Once we have a picture of the elements of an operating system, we'll pick the most important ones to work on.

There is no "right" path.  Working on the most important priorities first will create the biggest bang-for-the-buck and generate momentum.

Implement a Tool

 After we choose an area for improvement, we'll consider the possible tools that could work, and choose the one(s) that are the best fit for you.

We can choose a solution that we've seen other companies apply, or we can create something from scratch.  We're limited only by our imagination.

Make it a Habit 

There is a learning curve with every tool.  We'll practice it long enough to become proficient at it and make it a habit. 

Going too fast, only to backslide, isn't productive.  We need to stay with it until it sticks.

Once it sticks, we'll go back to the beginning.

The Elements of a Manufacturing Operating System

An operating system has a number of components that link together to create a cohesive system.  Strong operating systems have three layers: Direction, People, and Execution.  Each layer has three elements, and collectively these 3 layers and nine elements make up the operating system.

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