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The Manufacturing Leadership System™

An Operating System Custom-made for Manufacturers

What are MLS™ & EOS®?

MLS™ = Manufacturing Leadership System™

EOS® = Entrepreneurial Operating System®

  • Both MLS and EOS® are operating systems.
  • I created MLS to specifically meet the needs of small and mid-size manufacturers.
  • EOS is a respected competitor.  It is an operating system that was popularized by Gino Wickman and his book Traction.  It targets entrepreneurial organizations across all industries.*

MLS™ can be implemented in lieu of EOS®, or it can be added to an EOS® company as an enhancement. 

To learn more about MLS™, continue reading, or schedule a call.

* I am not affiliated with EOS® in any way, but I am quite familiar with it.  EOS® is a very good system that has improved many companies.  I was the Integrator™ in a company running EOS®, and I completed the training to become a full-time EOS Implementer®.  I like the system, but I chose to not make it a career because of some of the boundaries that EOS Worldwide, LLC places on implementers.  I also believe that EOS® can be improved to meet the specific needs of small and mid-size manufacturers. You can learn more about EOS® at the EOS Worldwide website.

How the MLS™ is Different from EOS®

Designed for Manufacturers

The MLS is designed for the unique needs of manufacturers.  It uses manufacturing lingo and it has tools and approaches that fit in the manufacturing world.

EOS is designed to be used across a wide range of industries.

Custom Implementation Path

With the MLS, we’ll create an implementation path that addresses your most pressing needs immediately.  I believe that each client’s needs are unique, and the roadmap should be tailored to each situation.

EOS has a standard implementation process that is used with all clients.

Strengthened Tools

The MLS has tools that address the specific needs of manufacturers, and these tools do not exist in EOS.  Examples include:

  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Daily Management
  • Continuous Improvement Roadmap
  • Talent planning

Half-Day Sessions

I use half-days working sessions whenever possible.  I think these are preferable to full-days sessions since it allows the team to stay fresh and engaged, and it balances the need to run the business with the desire to move forward with the operating system.

EOS uses full-day sessions.

À la Carte

The MLS has 10 distinct tools.  You can pick and choose the ones that are most important to you.  Of course, I’d love you to implement them all, but it may not be necessary for you to achieve great results.

EOS positions itself as a complete system that should be implemented in its entirety, although you have the ability to terminate the implementation at any point.

Industry Expertise

I’ve worked in manufacturing for over 30-years, and I’ll bring the experience and insight that I’ve gained to your organization.  When you choose the MLS, you’ll be working with me directly.

EOS Implementers  are facilitators, teachers, and coaches of the EOS process.  They are specifically taught to avoid entering into consulting discussions.