— Coaching —


What is Coaching?

Coaching is the process of one person, the coach, guiding another person, the coachee, through a process of personal change.  The coachee describes their goals and how they wish to change, and the coach takes them through a process to get them there.

Coaching may be a great solution if a leader wishes to:

  • Gain more influence in their organization.
  • Launch a new initiative.
  • Get commitment and build alignment among their executive team.
  • Hold people accountable.
  • Improve follow-through when balancing multiple projects and priorities.
  • Improve their business relationship with their boss.
  • Implement difficult changes.
  • Grow their organization.
  • Improve their leadership skills as they venture into new, unfamiliar areas.
  • Quickly gain knowledge about new functions (e.g. marketing, finance) where they lack experience.
  • Make a transition to a new role or organization.
  • Avoid burnout and balance work, family, hobbies, and health.
  • Make decisions with incomplete information.
  • Get clarity about organizational strategy and direction.
  • Make improvements in response to negative feedback from colleagues.

I had a coach early in my career, and it was one of the most impactful development programs that I've ever been through.  My coach was able to see things about me that I couldn't see myself.  He helped me understand how others saw me, and then he helped me reshape some of my behaviors.

Choosing to be coached takes courage.  You're going to need to be vulnerable, and you need to be prepared to do some introspection, but it is worth the journey.

My style of coaching is "business coaching".  It isn't life coaching or wellness coaching.  I encourage straight talk, and it's aimed at accomplishing an objective.  There will be no zen moments or energy fields.

I will receive a certificate in executive coaching at the end of September 2020.

The Coaching Process

Coaching Goal Setting2

During this step, the coach, coachee, and the manager will get on the same page regarding the desired outcomes of the coaching.  We will work to get as specific as possible and avoid generalities like "become a better leader".

We all know from personal experience that making permanent shifts in habits takes time, and we'll want to be laser-focused.

Coaching Establish Baseline2

There are a number of ways to establish a baseline, including assessments, verbal 360s, online 360s, and observations.

We'll craft an approach that is appropriate for your unique situation.

The baseline provides valuable insight that can steer the coaching sessions, plus it sets a benchmark to compare against down the road to ensure that we're making progress.

Coaching Weekly Sessions2

Coaching sessions are typically held weekly for approximately one hour.  The duration of the engagement is situational, but 6 months is common.

The sessions typically involve a check-in on the progress against the prior week's objectives, and then we'll spend most of the session exploring a topic that will help move the coachee towards the goal.

The Benefits of Coaching


Investing in coaching demonstrates respect for the individual.  It shows that you are committed to their success.  Whether it is helping a high potential employee prepare for the next level, or helping a marginal performer to improve, providing access a professional coach increases their chances for success.

The organization will take notice.  They will see how you treat people.  Hiring a coach puts substance behind the phrase "our people are our greatest asset".


Coaches help employees perform better, which in turn helps the company to perform better.  Coaches are not therapists that try to unravel the past.  Coaches help the coachee to look forward and make changes so that it is a better future for them and the company.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps you're considering a coach for a high-potential person that you want to advance.  Or maybe there is someone who is "on the bubble", and you may need to let them go if they don't improve.

Regardless of the situation, hiring a coach will give you peace of mind.  You'll be able to rest well knowing that you did all that you could to help the person be successful.

As a leader, you have an impact on people.  I know that it is one of the things that weighed heavily on me when I was leading organizations.  The success of your people has a direct impact on them and their families, and that is quite a burden for you to carry.  Investing in a coach will allow the voice in your head to say "I did the right thing."