— Capabilities —


— What Rob does —
As a manufacturing consultant, Rob has a wide range of expertise to offer, built on his many years of executive leadership and continued education in the field. From printing services and art production to wood working and metal fabrication, if your company makes something, Rob can help.
Executive Team Alignment
Restoring team health, focus, and alignment
Operating System Effectiveness
Putting together the management tools to turn strategy into reality and results
Acquisition Integration
Defining the integration approach and roadmap
Connecting Cost, Pricing, and Financials
Connecting costing and pricing with company financials
Sales/Operations Integration and Strategy
Aligning sales, operations, inventory and finance
Interim Leadership
Joining the team to provide guidance through a challenging circumstance
— How he does it —
Inside a manufacturing company, it can be easy to get lost in the day-to-day considerations that keep operations running. Rob will take a look at each part of your business, talk to your employees, and connect with key stakeholders to identify the underlying cause of any issues. He’ll walk you through his insights step by step, so you have a holistic view of how your business is running.
With any pain points revealed and holding a solid understanding of your work, Rob will provide a practical, simple, and flexible approach for how your company can set new goals. Whether you need to move from crisis to control or from doing fine to achieving excellence, Rob will create a road map and work with you to get there. 
It’s time to turn strategy into results. Rob will be your partner in implementing a plan for success. You’ll start by prioritizing the Core 10 systems to ensure the basic functions of your company are on target. Rob will walk you through setting 90-day goals to stay aligned, focused, and able to rapidly execute your action plan. He’ll also provide one on one coaching with members of the management team to ensure that you have the team strength to make the direction a reality. It’s a proven process that you can continue to build on, allowing your business to grow and thrive for years to come.
— Rob's process —