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Rob fixes factories by making complex topics simple, understandable and executable. His first step is to reveal the issues, then reset expectations to relieve the pressure so people can focus on what needs to be accomplished. Next, we follow a 3-step cycle.
During his leadership roles, Rob developed invaluable perspective and knowledge to help identify and jump-start areas of improvement. The insight he provides turns strategy into action.
Reveal the Issues
By setting the tone at the top and reassuring the workforce, everyone gets engaged in being part of the solution. We start by revealing the underlying causal issues of your problems. You can count on a rapid, comprehensive diagnosis of how your business currently operates. From there, we create a practical approach to improve your business processes. Processes must be simple, reliable and flexible in order for companies to thrive. That’s what you can count on Rob to provide.
Reset Expectations
With the issues revealed, it’s now important to reduce the stress on your workforce and return to a neutral, centered state. By resetting expectations among the staff and your customers, you’re allowed to focus and operate more effectively to solve the issues at hand.
Proven 3-Step Cycle
With decades of experience as an executive in the field, Rob knows what it takes to craft an action plan that is practical, executable, and delivers results.  His passion and skillset allow him to develop an effective plan for your success.
We start by prioritizing the Core 10 systems. It’s important to prioritize because doing too much leads to too little progress. Then we set 90-day goals to get everyone aligned and focused, which is key to rapid execution. Working through the three steps, we return to the beginning to re-assess, re-prioritize and continue thriving.
How to Fix a Factory